Wednesday Sleep-ins


Don’t you hate it when you sleep in on a school day? Yeah, it’s not that fun, but today I slept-in big time and didn’t get in trouble at all! That’s because my College does a thing that every Wednesday we get a late start for the day, which is so much fun! I slept-in until around 9:45, and then had to rush to get to school by 10:05.

But I made it and that’s where I am now, writing up this blog. I’m sorry if this is really weird but I have never written a blog before, so bear with me. I did name this The Insanity Diaries for a reason!

One of the most awkward moments you can have at school is when you’re in a class with a reliever and you’re there as an observer (because this is your study class, but not for anyone else), and the teacher prowls around and catches you on the internet doing something completely different to the class. And then decides to humiliate you.

Then you have to explain that this is your study class and no, you weren’t on Facebook you were on google docs and no, playing music on your cellphone is not illegal in a ‘self-governed environment’, among other accusations. Then explain in simple terms that this is your study class (for the second time), and watch as they realize their mistake and allow you to sit back down again.

I always hate it because there’s nothing you can do for the teacher, and my stomach lurches uncomfortably with second-hand embarrassment as you see their face flush. Relief teachers are usually the nicest teachers and for them to make such a public mistake just makes me so uncomfortable for them, and so guilty for no real reason. Other girls sass them the f**k out, but I hate doing that because that teacher could be me in a few years, you know? And the last thing you want is to be made a fool of by an honest mistake, and then the student adds insult to injury.

I guess the best way to avoid it is to tell the teacher before the class starts. Whoops!


InsanityDiaries xox


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