What happened from Wednesday

I’m sorry guys! I am obviously terrible when it comes to remembering to write about stuff on here. I’m so used to internalizing everything that I forgot I have an outlet. SO.

Hey humans of the Internet!

So here’s what was happening for the past week / few days of my life:

I watched Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime, or Snow White with the Red Hair. It has to be one of the sweetest and most innocent romance anime I have watched, ever. It’s so inspiring and cute that even though I’m more of a Tsundere or reverse harem anime fan, I loved this to bits. It has two seasons, 12 episodes each but it is absolutely brilliant. The plot is well thought out, the characters are in depth, and above all the art is beautiful – no crudeness or sexual content to ruin the mood. Clariness is a kingdom I wish I was a part of, and Shirayuki herself is such an amazing character you can’t help but want to be more like her.

Youth Group! Always fun stuff, this time we went to Lester’s farm to target shoot. Lester is a really nice guy in his 60’s who is an incredible shot and is really athletic for his age. He can beat nearly anyone in our youth group in a one-on-one game, whether it’s paper hockey or chess.
Anyway, he introduced us to his .22’s, and had set up four targets on a hill and varying both in size and distance. I managed to hit 4/9 shots, which is pretty good for a kiwi who’s never shot anything except a slingshot, bow and an air rifle. The targets were a good 25m away, and it was dusk so I’m quite proud of myself.

Slept in, always positive.

Busy busy busy. First  it was church in the morning, which was actually interesting for once. We’ll be looking into David and the stages of his heart throughout his life and how they can influence us with his example. Then immediately afterwards I had senior production rehearsal. The show is Evita, and for a company of under 25 people it’s a very difficult production. Con was not impressed when only two of the boys showed up to practice, and was quite pleased all of us girls had attended. It was a three hour rehearsal, and was quite productive. I came home and collapsed.

That’s where the drama started.

Dillon, my 15 year old brother, was asked to make dinner. We decided on a chicken salad. It became a chicken coleslaw. He accidentally mixed up the cabbage and the lettuce and thus cut beautiful ribbons of cabbage. We both hate coleslaw. He then did a bunch of other stupid things and we both got in trouble from dad for such a terrible meal…

This morning was good, I woke up and went into the shower at 7 in the morning. I usually wake up at 10 to 8. I still nearly got to school late as I lost track of time whilst texting my boyfriend. Today is supposedly ‘International Happiness Day’, so despite some cringe-worthy things today is actually bearable. Tonight I have bible study, which is great as it’s in-depth and fun. It’s onesie night tonight, so I’ll be rocking up in a bright pink (I know, gross, but it’s my only one and I love it to pieces) onesie, with my woolly socks and black basketball polo fleece jersey. I’m looking forward to it!


Thanks for reading guys, let me know if there’s anything you want me to talk about! 😀

InsanityDiaries xox


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