How I Fell in Love With a Stone

Hey humans of the internet!

So last night I had bible study and it was GREAT! Dad dropped me off early as he had some meeting or another, so I got to spend some quality time (15 minutes really) with my mentor, who’s house we meet at, before anyone else showed up. So we talked about funn and deep stuff too, it was really refreshing.

Oh I forgot to mention. IT WAS ONESIE NIGHT! I don’t know if that’s how to spell it, but there you go. My favourite winter pajamas made their appearance! That, and some amazing English Breakfast tea and we were all set.

For our bible study sessions we’ve been doing the ‘bad girls’ of the bible, and it’s so much fun to read about and discuss how Jesus reacted to them, or how the Israelite people in the old testament treated certain women mentioned. So last night we did ‘The weeping woman’ (our nice name for the woman caught in the act of adultery).  The discussion was interesting, and what stood out to a lot of us was the fact that the bible says the eldest of the accusers left first, and they left in age order (that last bit is just insinuated though). Rose, my absolutely fabulous leader, then spread out some stones she collected from Rarangi Beach and told us to choose the one that sang to us.

I chose a white one, with little mould green flecks through it, because it stood out from the browns and greys of the other stones. It was only when I held it up to the light that I realized that my stone glittered like it was covered in faerie dust. Rose then had us examine our stones, really get to know them for about three minutes. She asked us how we felt about our stones, why they ‘sang’ to us and why we liked them. What quirks did our stones have?

She then told us to give our stones to the person on our left. I felt so disappointed. I liked my stone – I didn’t want to hand it over to someone else! The stone didn’t sing to them the same way it sang to me, what if they dropped it? What if they threw it away?

She asked us again how we felt about our stones, only this time about how they were now in someone else’s hands. It was quite startling to find out everyone wanted their old stone back, that they didn’t like the fact it was in someone else’s possession and that they felt so strongly about a stone. Rose then made her point.

“If you feel this strongly about a stone after 3 minutes, how much more will God feel when you hate one of his creations so much you wish to stone them to death? His concept in living flesh, with its own quirks and feelings, habits and beliefs, in the hands of others who couldn’t care less about it?”

Then after that bombshell we had our rocks returned to their eager owners, and we all left for home with our pockets and thinking tanks heavier, but our hearts lighter.

InsanityDiaries xox


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