Utterly useless – What am I going to do with myself?

Hey Humans!

So how useless can I get? As you can probably tell from the amount of time transpiring between posts it’s a decent amount. So wtf have I been doing?

Basically I was in study class and I had just finished 3/11 brochures I have to do for an assessment, and I decided to treat myself by catching up on Dan and Phil – my favourite YouTubers of all time. And I was re-hitched, suckered in, obsessed again with them and their adorable, sarcastic and relatable selves, the competitions on their gaming channel, Dan roasting himself so badly I was crying in literal sympathy, and Phil’s absolute adorableness.
*accidentally chokes Dan and Phil from hugging too hard*

So it got to the point that I actually haven’t done any work in class and I have three assessments due this week and all of my study periods have now been wasted from my addiction to everything Dan and Phil … I’m up shit creek without an effing paddle.

ANyway, tonight – and I say tonight because as I’m writing this it is literally 12:58 am (technically morning but shut the f**k up it’s the middle of the night) – I saw the most hilarious of productions, ever. It was called ‘Kings of the Gym’ and had everything from jokes about AIDS and Chlamydia rates to evolutionism vs creationism being taught in the classroom, amid homosexual references and a f**king mind blowing plot twist just casually thrown in the mix. It was EPIC. Honestly I’m a Christian and I’m reasonably conservative, but bloody heck! The jabs at Christianity were so funny I couldn’t help laughing,  and the homosexual jokes were really appreciated by the lesbian couple who I had gone with (in my drama class, we weren’t the only ones there you know). Basically it’s done so well that it’s funny and offensive without actually being offensive or vulgar, which if we’re honest in reality is so f**king hard to do but man, did they pull it off.

I’m so sorry for the swearing but it is past midnight and I really need to sleep and get this written so… deal with it.

Now’s probably a good time to sign off and post… goodnight/morning to all you fantastic humans, I hope you enjoyed this little update, there will be more to come soon I promise.

InsanityDiaries xox


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