From Assessments to Foot Spas

Hello humans!

*sighs with relief*
(I’m sorry, if you want me to stop role-playing just say so)

Wednesday was… Hectic. It was my drama assessment first thing that morning because every Thursday (like today) I’m away at the NMIT campus – Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, for an introductory beauty therapy course. Everyone else was being assessed today and tomorrow. All was well as I was on the verge of walking into class until I realized something critical.

I’d left my costume AT HOME!

Thankfully my amazing mother decided that she would turn around and take me home right then and allow me to find it. So I arrived late – but prepared – to the class of one of the sternest teachers (attendance-wise) in the entire school. She accepted my apology and gave myself and two companions time to “Don our guises” and have one last practice each before performing live to the rest of the class and an NCEA assessor through a video camera.

I guess I have a little explaining to do. When the groups were originally selected for performing an excerpt from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, it was just my best friend Zara and I in a group as we already had a scene planned out. It wasn’t until halfway through our rehearsal time (just over 4 weeks into the term) that the teacher came up to us and asked us if we would include Jess – a new friend of mine, but Zara’s bestie since forever – into our group. We then hit a snag.

Our excerpt was designed for two people – not three!

So I volunteered to do what any rational human would do.

I said I would learn both parts and perform one with Z, and one with Jess.

And so I did, and now had to perform the spoiled brat male role with my bestie, and the desperate, crazy female role with someone i wasn’t so familiar with. And to put the icing on the cake Jess still hadn’t learned her lines completely, and we had changed the setting to the Victorian era in an alternate reality where political homosexual marriages were the norm.

In other words – “That Straight Homeschooled Christian” was performing as a desperate lesbian lover in front of an audience of mostly strangers, including a lesbian couple.

Haha, haha, ahahaha, ha! *dies*

Everything went as well as I could have dreamed until…I screwed up my line. I had called Jess’s character Demitri, not the female version Demi. ARGH!

I moved past it, and tried not to let my mistake distract me. Everything else occurred like clockwork. Miraculously, Jess didn’t forget a single line or cue and at the end we received mild applause, before I ran off stage for my costume change.

Zara and I, true to form, performed our piece exactly as we planned, and the rest of the period was uneventful.

Then came second period and again an assessment, only this time in hospitality. The big 168. I’m an entire period behind the rest of the class as I missed a double period last Thursday, and only caught up one period in a lunchtime session. I’m only half finished and it should be properly handed in tomorrow…

The rest of the day was fine – ish. A lot of relief teacher drama and shiz which eventually sorted itself out. I noticed that earlier I had told you guys I had completed 3/11 brochures. Actually there are 14 brochures, and I still have another 10 to go, and a week to get them done in. Even with an extension, I’m beginning to doubt I’ll ever get this thing handed in.

But today – it was the best day I can realistically hope for. I was at NMIT today, and it was fantastic. We had the full time First Years come in and give everyone a facial, which was OK, probably the worst part of today. Not my best experience in terms of receiving a facial, but it was alright.

During lunch break I actually was beaten during sting-pong: a game of ping-pong/table tennis where the loser has the winner whack the ball into the loser’s back as hard as possible, ‘stinging’ them and usually leaving welts. Until today I have remained unbeaten for six weeks, only to fall at the hands of Nicola’s boyfriend Josh. It turns out he had a ping pong table in his garage and had got in some sneaky training in order to beat me, which he eventually did. His ‘stings’ were pretty pathetic though, and for his trouble left for the automotive course with six welts on his back – one of them had even begun turning purple.

When I wasn’t playing sting-pong I was penciling in some dress designs into my diverse art diary, dubbed ‘Fin Iilahdovah’, or in English ‘The Moon-dragon’. If this post isn’t already too large or the pencil too faint I’ll post a picture of my work in progress.

After lunch was the best bit. We got a foot spa! That’s right, an entire 40 minutes of soaking our feet in our own hot, vibrating, bubbly spa pools. And then our teacher, who I suspect has a foot fetish, came and gave each of us an exfoliating foot scrub that smelled of peppermint chocolate and sugared cream. It was divine. I sat there with my feet, usually hard and leathery from walking barefoot everywhere, soft and warm in broiling foamy heaven whilst surfing eBay for corsets and long skirts.

What? I have a school Formal (or Prom for you northern folk) in a few months and there’s no way I’m spending over $150 for a Gothic or Steampunk dress when I can mix and match my own skirt-top combination.

So yeah, again I have a date with assessment hell tomorrow, please pray for me/wish me luck/invoke a good luck spell or whatever.


InsanityDiaries xox


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