April Fools and A Novel

Greetings Humans!

Lately I’ve been struggling when it comes to keeping this blog going, as there’s nothing overly exciting happening in my life, and so I wasn’t posting until I realized that this is a diary, there doesn’t have to be anything overly exciting in it for me to write. And who knows? Some things I may write about may not seem so big to me, but one of you might never have heard of such an occurrence – after all this is the bottom of the world!

During April Fools I had the sudden urge to become a YouTuber… I’m still stewing over the thought but I’ve decided. If I was to do that I’d need a lot more time than what I currently have available, and I’d need to remember to post and figure out stuff people want to watch, and what’s the point  of that when I can soundlessly do the same thing on a blog, when I can put pen to paper and figure it as I write?

I’m sticking to you guys, but maybe when I have a decent camera and a place of my own where five other people aren’t going to interrupt, I might become a YouTuber.

Scrolling through my front page I re-discovered that I had said I would post excerpts from my novel I’m writing, and so I will! Here’s a little scene from my novel-in-progress, Sacred Sirens:

I awaken. Keeping my eyelids sealed, I observe.

Thud, thwack, slap, pain, reek of sweat, pitter-patter of feet, crunch of boots. The sounds and scents of training.

A movement behind me, a soft change in air flow, whispering death. Or bells. Whispering bells? No, jewellery. Loretta.

Busy tread, rustlings of herbs, clatter-clack bones, reading the omens again. Or she could be putting away medicine, her clinking clatter only glass. I can’t tell.

Determining I’m not in immediate danger I open my eyes to muffled light, the ceiling and vents hidden by darkness and heat of bodies. Or by a warm blanket, draped over my face.

Aha! Perfect opportunity.

Grinning, I spring out of the bed, dagger sheathed, letting out a roar. At least, I meant it to be a roar, but it was more of a determined squeaky cough. Still, it has the desired effect.

Loretta squeals and turns, matching dagger in hand with a face white as death. She eyes me dangerously for a second before my cause of laughter becomes apparent, her face flushing from white sheet to red tomato. She shouts at me, her voice descending in pitch to a low grumble.

‘Don’t do that to me Tira! You know how my heart is like! I swear you children and your pranks will be the death of me.’  She secretly loves it when we scare her.

I hope.

I hope you enjoyed this little piece of writing! I’m going to go, the bell has almost rung and I hate walking home in the bucketing rain, but that’s what happens in the tail end of a cyclone. At least Debbie has been mostly diminished from her stop at Aussie, and considering there’s no danger of flooding at the moment in Marlborough, I’m quite lucky and am not complaining. I just dislike rain, I used to love it but glasses have a way of changing a persons tollerance of different weather systems.

I’m going to go now. Tell me how you guys are doing weather-wise!

Insanity Diaries xox


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