Final Full Day

Greetings Humans!

Today is Thursday, the final full day at PIHMS, and this time instead of going to an epic trampoline park or paint weird banners, we’re actually learning about the training we will recieve if we study here. And to be honest it sounds absolutely amazing. If I do decide to study here I wont worry about the academic subjects at all, as there’s plenty of practical assessments and training to keep my acitve-ish self occupied. Everything here is chill, relevant and fun, the students here are amazing and I’ve already become part of an amazing squad.

I rung my mothere yesterday, and was actually going to Skype them when I was kindly reminded they’re in Nelson with my grandparents.
So that plan went bust.

Mother was initially concerned with the fact I was calling up, but I reassured her by explaining I was catching up to see how my little sister was coping with my absence. She was occupied with my little cousin Sam, and Mother rattled off a couple of hilarious stories before I regretfully had to say goodbye.

I’m not homesick yet and I think I’d love to study here, it’s literally a student paradise here. The teachers are chill and students are upfront and honest, and hell do they know a lot. It’s pretty epic to see so many people only a few years older than me being so skilled and having fun in the very place I want to be.

Since beginning writing this at 9am it’s now 11:48pm and did the campus change overnight! I’d estimate just over 95% of students – underage and otherwise – were drunk, not by the older ‘of age’ students deliberate fault at all.

One of the sneaky Career Week students had used their fake ID to buy alcohol and then distributed it around the underaged students and had them disguised as normal soda drinks. After a little while when the older students were more tipsy people were quite open about what and how much they were drinking…

And shizam! Teachers walk in and instantly figure out what’s happening, older students in trouble, everyone sent to their dorms and as I’m writing we’re currently holed up in our rooms hoping agingst hope that the Principle doesn’t decide to come check our rooms, as this sweet girl I’ll call A and myself are looking after another girl who is intoxicated and a little high with her first time. If they find her here we may be excluded from actually attending course on the assumption that we’re drunk too.

Fun times am I right?

Insanity Diaries xox


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