Two Weeks Later

Ki Ora Humans!

Ok, so it’s been more like three weeks, but I’m back! School torture started again, but as per usual it wasn’t really sinking that the holidays were over until halfway through the first day back. Still riding on the high of a trip up North and two weeks of anime and Dan and Phil binge watching, I was poorly prepared for the amount of work I had neglected whilst enjoying myself.

Tourism…I’ve given up for now. The Australia assessment is too much work right now – I nearly had a mini-panic attack this morning when opening up the assessment again, so I’ve skipped it and started the next assessment whilst planning on coming back to the Aussie one later. The next one is so easy it should only take me two to three weeks to complete.

I have a feeling I’m going to regret typing that.

I decided that today I’m going to share some coping techniques as apparently in britain the GCE’s are on. Good luck to all who have exams! Our exams don’t start until at the end of the year, and it’s a full month and a half of torture. Plus we only have a maximum of 8 exams we could possibly take, whereas I hear some people up in Europe have 14 to study for.


A lot of teenagers in my experience don’t give themselves me time as they are too scared to take it. Me Time is NOT going out partying and drinking with friends, or having any human interaction at all except maybe thanking the person serving you at a cafe or something.

It involves taking 1-2 hour block in a week and going outside (wet or shine) and if dry, sitting under a tree and closing your eyes.

Listen to the birds, crickets, any natural sounds you can hear. If you live in the city take a bus, or better yet walk, to the nearest good park with a lot of trees or boulders to shelter from. Breathe in deep, what can you smell? Breathe through your mouth slowly, teasing the air over your tongue.

What does the air taste like? What colour does it taste like? Open your eyes and smile. I don’t care how worried you are about exams at this point, just smile. Trust me, filling your mind with nature and actually slowing right down, taking your time – though it may appear a waste at first of valuable seconds – is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Now I get it, I really do. You don’t want to remember something/s that will inevitably raise its/their ugly head/s if you stop busying yourself, or maybe you believe you won’t be able to catchup if you spend time doing nothing. Stop right there.

Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING is more important for academic success than your mental wellbeing. Take those self doubts, fears, cringe moments, painful memories and bring them to light. Do this step, if not once a week then at least once every fortnight, and unburden yourself in a place where others can’t see, where you can relax and realize you are so much more than your grades, body image, reputation in the gossip chain.


Believe me, if you do this at least once a fortnight, preferably once a week you will slowly become a more confident, happy person and your stress will be much easier to manage. Of course different people need different things, and if nature isn’t your thing then doing the same in a cafe on your own, zoning out in the library, or other relaxing setting is best. Just make sure you are out of your house and away from where you study, with different air and surroundings. Bring a drink bottle with water or iced tea, no coffee or other stimulants, and your favourite soft toy or cushion. If you don’t have a soft toy or cushion I strongly suggest getting one, it may seem childish but it works. Soft toys don’t judge.

I’ll update every day this week with a new coping technique that I’ve found helpful, take your pick and tell me how you guys are going with study or just stress management in general!

Love you all!

Insanity Diaries xox


P.S. A blanket also works really well, and is less obviously childish 😀


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