Coping Technique 2


Continuing the theme for the week, I’m introducing my next best technique for coping with stress. And here it is:


Yes, sleep. It is a vital function that we often assume is a waste of time but is actually really important. I personally am one of those teenagers who can’t function with less than 7 hours sleep, and to avoid a case of ‘Queen Bitch Disease’ (QBD), 8-10 hours is a good target. Some people say can go without sleep for a long time, and only need a little sleep to catchup.


Teenagers are just grown babies, needing the same amount if not more sleep than a newborn as our brains are rewiring for the second and final time in our lives, and this change is permanent. It determines which genes are switched on and which are switched off, our learning capabilities, our height and muscle development, and other more vital hormone-governed changes. Sleep is where the brain shuts down to upgrade our brains, installing updates in the body’s computer, so to speak. Those who deprive themselves of this end up doing more stupid stuff during our waking ours than we would if we got enough sleep, like when your laptop randomly restarts to install updates in the middle of watching your favourite show or submitting an assignment.

Sleep also allows all that study material you’re trying to cram into your head to sink in and be catalogued as important, moving them into your long term memory. It keeps you functioning.

Fun fact: If someone goes for more than two weeks without sleep they will die.

Sleep deprivation is worse than most people think it is, as it adds up and the only way to get rid of your ‘sleep-debt’ is to actually sleep it off. Sleep deprivation includes being constantly tired, mildly irritated at the smallest of things, etc. Basically a case of constant PMS only not related to a girl’s blood moon.

So my advice is: Sleep a lot. If you want to study, record yourself reading the notes you want to study and listen to them in your sleep. That way a lot of information is absorbed whilst still getting the essential chemistry reconfiguration in your brain at the same time to allow proper learning. It may also send you off to sleep much quicker 😜.

That’s all from me today, I’ll see you tomorrow with another stress-eradication tip.

Love you all, my crazy humans.

Insanity Diaries xox


One thought on “Coping Technique 2

  1. This is so, so true. I think the main issue is that one night of, say, 5h sleep won’t necessarily have instant, noticeable effects. Still, it creates chaos in the body and in the brain. X


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