Coping Technique 3

Ohayo Gozaimasu!

Man I love the sound of Japanese, I’d love to speak it fluently. Maybe one day, but not now. Good Morning humans, and true to my goal I have a third tip in three days on controlling stress. It’s probably the most well-known and utilised tip, but here it is:


Music is a passion of mine and I love to sing and occasionally dance (when no one is watching), so this tip is right up my alley. Combine this tip with any of my previous and following tips to get the most relaxation out of your time.

Music has so many genres and there is something for everyone. For studying I strongly suggest vocal-less orchestra pieces, specifically well know orchestra pieces from Beethoven etc that are relaxing, maybe boring for you death metal fans out there, but are easily recognisable to help stimulate your knowledge database every time you hear it.
For general relaxation and de-stressing I have some favourites, but please don’t take this as the only way as this is my personal preference, tailor your soundtrack to you. I prefer when having Me Time (tip 1) to be outdoors alone in the grass under a tree, so my soundtrack includes (search these up on YouTube, they are amazing):

The Power Of Epic Music Vol. 1 & 2

Relaxing Piano Contemporary Pieces

2-Hours Epic Positive Music (epic fantasy uplifting orchestral vocal)

And so on. When I’m stuck at home or school and need a good de-stress track I play Ed Sheeran or EDM, something high energy, dancing and finger tap making, with both good beat and worthwhile lyrics. This is where personal preference comes in. Play your death metal, indie rock, rap, trap, Tchaikovsky, whatever you are interested in that makes you dance.

The most important thing when selecting music for relaxation is that the lyrics better be good. No shit about sex, drugs, money, prostitutes, and other such dull crap. Stick on some worship music or self-love lyrics, stuff that makes you feel great about yourself and the world. Better yet, no lyrics. Just let the performer’s feelings flow through to you through the pureness and magic of instrumental passion, where the deepest of emotions can be shared and understood with ease.

Take good care when selecting what to listen to, but for de-stressing here are my golden rules:

  1. Must be upbuilding
  2. Mixed dancing tunes and slower, contemplative pieces
  3. At least one long, powerful, orchestra piece without vocals
  4. Every song must be able to produce a smile
  5. (Optional) Have one piece starring flute and piano as main instruments

I have a reasonable selection of good long music tracks to reccommend if you’d like some more suggestions, just leave a question in the comments and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can. For the youtube tracks over an hour long, the website will allow a convert and download where most only allow 20 minute long audio.

Good luck, I hope you found this helpful!

Love you all
Insanity Diaries xox.


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