Coping Technique 5


Welcome humans, to the Insanity Diaries’ 5th installment into coping techniques! Honestly, I didn’t really think I would remember to write this many, but thank goodness my mind didn’t stop thinking up new ways to do my favourite thing – Relax. Here we go!

Get Creative

Creativity, though may appear more stressful, is actually really rewarding when used correctly. Everyone is different, so this is where your inner-self shines, whether you’re a singing diva, graphic Van Gogh, dancing queen / king, colouring in Mandala, sculpting Michelangelo, pottery whizz, cooking / baking Masterchef, whatever you are! Go with what you know and just unwind – use Tip 3 and blast some music, Tip 1 – go outside to paint or sculpt, taking in inspiration from nature. Cook up a storm! Decorate a cake! Sing an Elvis impersonation! In other words, go wild!

But, and yes there’s a but, whatever you choose to do: Don’t choose something difficult! Unless you are an actual Van Gogh or a Mary Berry (yes, even New Zealand knows who she is), difficult pieces – though fun in theory – can stress you out even more if and when it doesn’t turn out how you expected. Do something you’ve done before and enjoyed, something abstract or easy, and marvel at what you can create with no really clear goal in mind. This way there’s minimal disappointment if an unexpected outcome arises, and the fun of having something wacky come out from your head onto paper, canvas, plate or ear will give you a mood boost you really needed.

Now for those of you who seem doubtful on the effectiveness of this technique – I have a scientific schpeal for you. Arts and creativity are controlled by the opposite hemisphere of the brain to logical thinking and processes. That’s right – by doing a creative something you are literally switching off logic and giving your thinking brain a rest, allowing it to recuperate and improving mood hormone balance at the same time. Leonardo Da Vinci used to draw with his left hand and write out complex theories with his right for hours without making an error between them because he knew how to control his brain and thinking processes. Now I’m not a Da Vinci yet, but he demonstrates the principle of creative verse logical brain quite effectively, something we can put into practice immediately. Schpeal End!

Those of you who believe you aren’t artsy, here’s a heads up. You don’t know what you don’t know. So try everything, and don’t be disappointed with mistakes you make along the way because no one is perfect! And don’t judge your artsy talents with what others say you do or don’t do well – art wasn’t originally created as a means to please others, it was created as a release to the artist. Do whatever makes you happy, you will learn a vast number of techniques and come up with your own on the way as you explore this wonderful world of imagination!

Remember this Coping Technique is not reserved only for the arts I’ve mentioned – Writing is another form of creativity, it’s how I unwind after all! There are millions of ways to be creative so go for it! You do you, this is just your kickstart!


Love you all
Insanity Diaries xox


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