Coping Technique 7

Kul feyl jul!

Hiya people! For those of you who read my last post I’m grateful you’re back with me, this final coping mechanism is less taboo than the last, though I know some of my friends claim an allergic reaction to this on a spiritual level whenever I suggest this.



Yes, the dreaded E-word has surfaced, but I wouldn’t recommend this without reason. Many people of all ages seem to hate the idea of exercise, and I don’t really blame them. Who would want to be at the gym at 5 in the morning before school or work when they could be asleep – or better yet bingeing on Supernatural, Sherlock, Phandom memes, Doctor Who, or scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. Nope, for us WiFi dependent members of the next generation, the last thing we want to do is go outside and get sore muscles.  And a headache. And a cramps. And…you get the picture.

Exercise has very numerous pros, a few cons, and a lot of scientific evidence about it. Top reasons to actually do this includes:

  1. Endorphins, your brain’s happy chemicals, are released during exercise making you much happier once your little sweaty session is over
  2. Get’s your heart pumping – keeping it healthy and a healthy heart means longer lifespan
  3. Increases energy levels. Yes, by getting exhausted regularly your body learns to store those excess nutrients as ATP energy (instant energy) rather than fat

Now the last thing I want you stressed folk to do is spend money signing up to a gym, working out hardcore for a week, and then never entering the gym again. The best way to get exercise into your schedule is just after you wake up. Instead of immediately going on your phone or hitting the shower – stretch. Every muscle in your body will feel better if you stretch. After a quick stretch, try a little bit of yoga.

Yoga is not necessarily doing the ‘downward dog’ or ‘king of the dance’ right off the bat! It includes downloading one of the numerous apps out there for yoga routines, and following the beginner course, ‘half moon stretche’, ‘cat pose’, ‘warrior pose’ and so on. If yoga is your thing then bring up the difficulty a bit, and continue as you are comfortable. You will notice a difference reasonably quickly with your flexability. After stretching every day a week before and after going to bed I found instead of only reaching mid-tibia (mid-shin) I could actually touch the floor with my fingertips, no bending of knees required!

If yoga is not your thing, or if your peers are as conservative as my parents and think you’ll be practicing a new religion (there is a lot of spiritual stuff connected to yoga that you can ignore and won’t affect your exercise) then the next thing will sound a bit crazy.


Dancing is a very good way of relieving stress, using Tip 3 to boost yourself you can find yourself huffing and puffing, having fun and getting better muscles because of it. Your day will pass like a giddy dream, and people will give you weird looks because of your new state of stress-free mind. You can dance with a friend, or more than one, and no one is going to complain about a bit of dance music so long as it’s not too loud.

My final suggestion is very fangirl-ish. If you watch anime, or movies like Doctor Strange, choose your favourite action scene. Avatar is a pretty mainstream cartoon, but following along with their element-bending can be a lot of fun and is exercise! Imitate your scene’s fighting style, follow your favourite character and practice waving your arms around, folding your hands in different shapes, high kicks and punches, complicated magical summoning rituals, just go for it. You may look like a fool but you will love doing it because it’s so odd, and next time you go cosplaying as a character from your scene at Comicon or whatever, you can show-off your perfected moves.

That’s all I have for today, I hope you enjoyed my mini series and found something useful from it. I have a seven hour rehearsal for the Senior Production I’m in at school which starts in an hour, and I’m still in my pyjamas so I have to go! Wishing you all the best of luck, whatever your exams!

Love you all
Insanity Diaries xox


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