Continuity and Frozen Peas

Bonjour Humans!

After writing a stress beating technique every day for the last week, I’ve realized just how much I love writing in my blog. I’ll be the first to admit, this means I haven’t exactly been keeping up with schoolwork, but I’m already so much happier lately. I’ve decided to continue to write a post every one to two days, and make it a habit. So here I am, and I’ll tell you the story of the frozen peas I mentioned in my mini series Coping Techniques.

Whilst I was still a fetus (around 8 years old) I had this amazing best friend called Shayna. Because we were homeschooled we spent way too much time at each other’s place – it was so common for me to be at her place for days at a time to the point where we both had a permanent go bag and spare pillow at our houses and a spare bed permanently setup. One day I was at hers and me being a ‘smol bean’ was in a fanny flap over a Pokemon game where I had unexpectedly come across the legendary Giratina and couldn’t catch it. Shayna, of course, was over excited that I’d even come across it but I was nearly crying from frustration. At that point I didn’t understand video games could be restarted at the last save point and wasn’t the most patient of kids. Shayna then told me to calm down, and we sat at the table whilst she explained strategies rather excitedly to me.

One of our favourite snacks as kids was peas. They were small, tasty, and our parents didn’t mind if we snacked on our greens that would last us ages – they were cheap and we couldn’t demolish a bag very quickly so it kept us out of their hair. Shayna had gotten out a bag to cook, but considering this was our final legendary Pokemon to catch she decided the game was more urgent. I still wanted to eat, and so we poured out a bowlful to slowly thaw, thinking as little kids do that we could cook them faster later. Absentmindedly we began to eat the frozen peas, and we chilled right down.

We were quiet and relaxed for so long Shayna’s mother ended up coming out to check on us, sure something was either up or terribly wrong. She soon realized that we prefered frozen peas to fresh, they were a nice cold treat and crunchy too. The benefits were soon evident – anytime we were stressed or got into a temper for whatever reason, frozen peas would fix it.

I don’t know if there’s any science fact I could use to explain this, but eating frozen peas ever since has helped with my stress levels quite considerably. Maybe it’s more of a psychology thing…I don’t know, I kind of prefer researching solid evidence rather than something that differs per person. Don’t get me wrong – observing humans is fun, but it can be tiring and is pointless trying on oneself.

So yeah, that’s how I discovered frozen peas as both a nutritious snack and the perfect thing for stress-beating binge eating.

I’ll talk to you soon my crazies!

Insanity Diaries xox


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