Sunday’s Shenanigans

Hiya Humanity!


Today I’m back at NMIT and enjoying it…mostly. Today seems to be paperwork day in a usually practical environment. I’ve finished my mood-board of 2017 autumn beauty trends, now I just have to write the report on it….

Anyway, the last week has really been a roller coaster! Sunday was heaps of fun, I had a seven hour rehearsal for the senior production – and surprisingly it seemed to be over too quickly! One scene early on in Act 1 is in a nightclub in the main character’s hometown, and I was chosen with three other girls to be a tango dancer in the background. That’s when the hilarity started!

Our director, a grumpy fat old man who gets results, but is actually really nice when you follow directions, had us three girls line up in the middle of the stage, and then yelled out three guy’s names.

‘Who do you think is the prettiest? You boys can choose your dance partner, but first in first serve!’ The boys looked really confused, but everyone else – including myself – started laughing. He told them to move it, and my good friend Daniel yelled pointing at me:

‘Kurt! Pick her, she can dance! Run for it!’

So this really nice guy literally ran towards me, as the other two boys suddenly decided that because I could apparently dance I’d be the best partner. I was nearly knocked over from the boy’s attempts to reach me, and eventually I was paired with Kurt. After laughing for a minute or two Ms Hudson then came round and ordered the girls to put our left hand on the guys’ shoulder, and right in their other hand – all was well. She then told the guys to put their free hand on the girls’ waist.

Poor Kurt was blushing so hard at this point that he could have lit a candle, and slowly put his hand on my waist but was so shy about it he actually tickled me from being to light. Me being me I then did a stupid thing. I grabbed his hand, held it against my waist and told him to place it firmly or it would be awkward… I may have said it a little louder than intended.

Thank my lucky stars that our director was out of the room, because Daniel embarrassed me as all big-brother guy friends seem to love doing by pointedly looking at me and saying:

‘If I see any boy lay his hand one millimeter lower than it needs to be on any girl for any reason, I shall personally escort you to Hell and back!’

I watched as every boy in the hall shifted nervously and poor Kurt, who was the only guy holding his partner (me) ready to dance, got the full warning look from Daniel and backed away from me. I was furious, and turning around told Daniel with a livid hiss:

‘I can take care of myself thank you! I don’t care if you take martial arts now I’d still have a good shot at beating you in a fight like I did when we were kids!’

This made Daniel flinch backward as if I had taken a mock-swing at him, his face near-splitting with the width of his grin, laughing jovially. I kid you not, I was redder than a tomato when I realized what I had done in front of everyone – even the teacher was staring at me with shock and, maybe, a little fear.

I couldn’t help but laugh at myself, and the entire cast soon joined in. By the time our director got back we were all on the floor panting, sides shaking as we tried – and often failed – to catch our breath. I spent the rest of the rehearsal with the guys carefully stepping around me, but they seemed to think I was also one of them and I made some good friends.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Love you all
Insanity Diaries xox



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