Sweet Torture…?

Hey Famalam!

Is it possible to become addicted to barley sugars? I won a bunch during the 40 hour famine playing sevens – and by a bunch I mean an entire stash of 52 – a little while ago and just as I was thinking of reducing my sugar intake I realized I hadn’t eaten them at all. So of course I decided to do the brilliant thing of bringing them to school and eating them in class when I get bored, pretending they’re throat lollies as it’s winter and everyone seems to be eating them.

And now three or so weeks down the track I’ve developed a sweet habit I’m trying to break – aided by the fact I can’t buy any more as I’m flat broke – and am now desperately sweet toothed. Now every time in class when I’m bored, despite having run out of lollies, I get a phantom sweet taste in my mouth, and I can’t pay attention….

This is kind of a big problem as it’s already halfway through the school year and Preliminary Exams – or prelims for short – are lapping at my heels, and every time I feel myself get slightly bored I’m distracted by a sweet taste I can’t explain and completely forget to take notes or listen to valuable information regarding the exams. Never mind the fact that I haven’t started to nor can I study without the memory of the sickly sweet lollies clogging my throat.

It’s torture, and I’m trying so hard to ignore it but it really isn’t going away. What do I do? I broke my anime habit with a healthy dose of sleep-deprived panic, but now my sugar habit is even harder to break. Nevermind the fact that I’m headachy and sore all over from senior production rehearsals and sugar has alleviated some of my problems temporarily – long enough to have dinner and go to sleep before the crash.


Some of you may have wondered at the pure randomness of my last post, so I’ll explain a little. I’m so tired of being confined and told what to do it’s infuriating, and I couldn’t even sit still long enough to write a full proper post at the time so I wrote a poem. Wolves are my favourite animal – they really seem to embody everything I hold dear. They are loyal, wild, free, can form packs or be alone. They’re curious, playful, creatures of both day and night, masterful in their hunting, fierce fighters when threatened, and loving creatures to those who’ve earned their trust. I envy them and their resilience, the only thing I don’t identify with is the fact they usually live in cold environments as I personally despise the cold.


So yeah, whatever. Anyone else addicted the sweet bane of human existence?


Love you crazies!
Insanity Diaries xox


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