Holidays are here!



Thank F**k the holidays are here, I honestly was beginning to believe I would drown in assessments before my floundering body could be pulled from the wreckage of my school life. Here I am, and honestly am so greatful to be alive!

How’s everyone? I’ve been a little unstable for the past week or so – my back has a pinched nerve somewhere and I cannot wait to see the chiropractor again, so my moods have swung back and forth like a yo-yo. Kinda like my internet life!

I’ve been hooked on this amazing webcomic Twokinds for the past while now, and after revisiting it from the beginning I’m really keen to see how this amazing story pans out. For those who may have no clue what I’m talking about, Twokinds is a story about a human called Trace who awakens in the middle of the forest with no memory of who he is, and he saves the life of a tiger keidran – basically in appearance a human-tiger cross species. He then develops a friendship with Flora – the keidran – and goes on a quest to remember who he is. Turns out he was a power-hungry son of a bitch on a mission to wipe out all keidran, and considering he’s … ah … spending quality time with Flora has no desire to return to his former self. Along the way we meet many characters; humans, tiger, wolf, dog, fox and leopard keidran, basitins, dragons, halfbreeds, etc with hormones going wild. Strap yourself in for 13 years worth of brilliance and epic plot developments and twists – it’s well worth the ride!

Other good ones to read are Hunters of Salamanstra, the Hope Virus, and Replay. Apart from a bit of swearing and gore these are amazing and well worth the read.


Love you all!

Insanity Diaries


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