Water Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink

Ki Ora humanity!


Ok, shit just hit the fan. Big time.

As most of you well know, I am currently in a new city studying at PIHMS in NZ. This afternoon we recieved the news that a State of Emergency has been declared, and all water has been shut off due to contamination. Already people are already getting sick from drinking it earlier today, and for a school supporting 700+ students living permanently onsite, this is a huge problem. The sickness doesn’t just spread via the water, but contact and shared air, so we kinda have a situation. We have no idea how long the ban will last, for if it isn’t restored to normal by Friday we will be having an emergency meeting to discuss what we’re collectively going to have to do. Funnily enough not all areas of the city have the water shut off, as there is more than one reservoir supply, and only one seems to be affected.


So yeah! My roomie and I bought trays of fizzy drink – all bottled water is to be left for hospitals and other emergency crew to access as needed – and snacks to tide us over. Dinner is now only sandwiches and soup, so fun times for all.


Aaaanyway… Apart from that fiasco!


The past week has been pretty exhausting, but so rewarding! I’m in the kitchen for the first three weeks, which is so much fun! I get to joke and banter with the lecturers and other humans, make friends, learn new skills with both cooking and preperation timings. I’ll be the Sous Chef again on Monday, and hopefully I won’t have to worry about water conservation or emergency rations. The humans are so friendly (almost all anyways) and I have happened upon a few who are Undertale fans as well! So it turns out I can completely geek out and a lot of them will just join in! YAY!

BUT! Not only have I found Undertale fans, but also humans who enjoyed The Greatest Showman as much as I did! A whole group of us are going to go see the movie again on Saturday, as well as bring some people who haven’t seen it too. It’s so exciting, I just hope that we won’t be disrupted by the whole lack of water thing.

Well my crazies, don’t worry too much about little old me, I’ll be fine. I have a great roomie, a little cash in the bank, and a cute human back home in the air force to help me should this princess need a rescue. I’ll be posting (if all goes well) later this week to let you all know how this story developed. I’ll see you later!



Of Mini Fridges and Coach Catastrophes

Ki Ora Whanau!

So it’s been 5 days already of me being at PIHMS, and boy howdy has it been an adventure. I have so much to tell you all my dear crazies, and I hope you enjoy these little snippets like I did!

1. The Journey

For the first night I spent in my new living quarters, I arrived around 6 in the evening. So what you ask? Well. Let’s flash back a bit.

6:15 am: My ridiculously early wake up alarm starts blaring, interrupting my precious sleep that only lasted 5 hours thanks to anxiety over the coming day. I get dressed, stub my toe twice, and bumble my way into the car to the airport. My siblings are crying, Mum is stressed, Dad is rearranging my bag and yelling at me for bringing my art supplies for whilst I’m studying. I had only just finished my period two days before and was still recovering, so needless to say I was on edge.

8:45 am: Landed in Wellington Airport, couldn’t sleep and was really nervous about the fact I’m moving out, for good, this is it, first steps, etc. Mum is trying to hide the fact she’s crying from me, Dad is running around the airport wound tighter than a spring, and everyone is asking me “So, are you nervous? Aren’t you anxious to leave home? Are you going to be alright on your own?” I get you’re curious and trying to help, but it doesn’t fricken ease the tension I’m feeling right now!

I wanted so badly to scream or shout and just be comforted by my parents, but they were so stressed and didn’t listen to me about anything, and considering I kinda took the exact same trip on my own early last year I really was holding back my frustration. I love my parents dearly, but when they stress they ignore others’ feelings and my job is to calm the hurricane of emotional angst between them before it gets too much, but I really was in no state to deal with their shiz. I managed, but boy it was not easy to keep my calm facade.

Little did I know what would happen next.

9:15 am: The bus had just arrived, ten minutes late but comfortable. After getting luggage on, parents calm, my own nerves under control, and placating a little 3 year old girl by letting them hold my beloved fox plushie, we were finally on our way. I expected it to be about an 8 hour bus trip…

First stop we had, the bus broke down.

25 minutes late, we unloaded and got onto the replacement bus – no wifi, small cramped seats and slightly questionable airflow. I tried to forget everything and fall asleep, but no. This bus hit every bump I swear, and then we hit traffic. And then just as we were going to get through it, we broke down again.

By the time we got to our lunch stop in Palmerston North, we were over half an hour behind schedule. That meant grabbing our stuff, and running to the next platform to put our luggage on the next bus 3 minutes before it was set to leave. We made it, but at the cost of our well needed lunch break, as four and a half hours straight on a bus does make you both tired and peckish.

Thankfully there were no more breakdowns, but I was hungry and sleep-deprived, and in desperate need of a shower and bed. We arrived 20 minutes late, expecting there to be a taxi waiting for us just as we had arranged through PIHMS…but nobody came. We were gutted, and as it was a Saturday we had to call outside of business hours and hope someone at PIHMS would respond.

6:15 pm: 45 minutes later I arrived at my dorm room, tired, smelly, stressed out, and in desperate need of food. I met my roomie Laura again, and we settled in pretty quickly, too quickly it turned out.

2.  The Incident

Whilst staying at PIHMS there’s a really good thing about our rooms. We have MINIFRIDGES! We were so excited, that after we came back from getting Subway we decided to slightly rearrange our room, and in doing so we had to unplug the fridge and move it over a little so we could plug it into a different socket.

You may have just imagined correctly what happened next.

We did everuthing as per what we were after, and the room was nice and tidy, bedside tables in their correct place, and fridge in the most convenient of spots, so naturally my overly travelled self suggested bedtime, and that was that. We went to bed and fell asleep.

We had forgotten to plug the fridge back in.

Next morning we awoke to the most pungent mould smell I’d ever had the displeasure of detecting through my nostrils. It was so foul we nearly gagged, and had our windows open wide to get rid of the stench. The carpet smelled like a biology assessment gone wrong, and nothing we did could change the scent of mouldy carpet. We put baby powder and deodourising spray on the wet patch, stamped on towels, called management who were unable to do much thanks to the fact housekeeping wasn’t available to deal with our problem. In utter desperation I used the last of my money to buy an orange jaffa scented reed diffuser to cover the reek. 5 days later and Housekeeping finally managed to get it sorted, but it turns our we may end up with replacement carpet very soon!

Despite those interesting elements the transition here has been very smooth – I’ve made way more friends than I thought possible, I get along like a sister with my roomie, and I feel comfortable in my own skin for once in my life. I may have gotten an extremely bad sunburn rn, but that’s besides the point.

I’ll try to keep you all updated my crazies, and I’ll see you later!

Love you all!

Guess Who’s Back Again!

‘Sup fellow Humans!


So yeah, it has been waaaaaaaaay too long since I last wrote one of these things, and I have a perfectly reasonable explination for it. UNDERTALE.

Now for those of you who somehow don’t know or remember what Undertale is, it is the best game on the planet, with amazing plot and twists, beautiful music I haven’t been able to stop humming since end of Evita last year, the cutest characters and absolute power – or at least so you think. It’s a pixel RPG by Toby Fox, and has three main story routes, Neutral, True Pacifist (my favourite), and Genocide. It’s one of the few monster and dungeon style games where you don’t have to kill anyone, hence the True Pacifist route – which may I add has the BEST plot twists, music and story to it! I could go on for hours about this game, but you really should play it yourself.

So I descovered this game mid last year, and I got hooked. The puns, the fights, the characters, THE MUSIC, everything just combined to drag me into an obsession. I’ve finished True Pacifist twice, but after the Reset to replay it I saw just what impact it had on the characters and have stopped – for now. I have been on YouTube watching comic dubs every day since… and so neglected you guys during my facination. I’m sorry!!!!

I promise you will be getting more updates from me now, as I…

da dada DA!

Am going to be at PIHMS NZ in TWO DAYS!

That’s right! I’ll be a Uni student in two days, so I’ll be setting aside much more time to update all of you through my journey as a teenager in New Zealand. So tighten your seatbelts humans, 2018 is going to be a ride!


Love you all, my dear crazies!
In-Sans-ity 😛

Falling ever falling

Slow and steady wins the race and yet…
Slow is not the name of the game anymore
teeter totter trippy.
Trippings trappings decorations glistening little globes spinning lighting up the sky
Balls of fire spinning
so far away they’re dead already but still they shine for me
for me
for me
with glee as the death spree of lights glisten in the fabric of the universe


Without matter 4 letters


Vaccuum black fabric like a sack coarse and rough stretched and stuffed with stars and galaxies, Earth’s hue
green and brown and blue
formed in an instant of time yet unfathomable


Difficult problem 9 letters


And so we lose and let loose our minds our humanity what is humanity is it war? Is it peace and love that we so dearly desire or is that instinct, just neurons sending bolts of little baby lightning hoping we’ll survive the Hell we make is it really there for the take or are we just fooling ourselves once more?
So desperate to be gods to play gods yet shirk the inevitable responsibility the consequences are a concept we finite minds cannot comprehend yet, we judge and we curse the deities we supposedly treasure only taking time to hurt it or them or him or her.


Utter disgust 8 letters


We hope we hate we destroy, create for perfect symmetry
Perfection is imperfection and that in itself is perfect. Entropy and harmony supposedly cycling endlessly but chemistry dictates entropy only growing.
Like a leech at a river beach only growing never slowing evolving or natural selection who can tell anymore but still we fight the inevitable plight that is decay.
Time is going ever flowing and yet relative, stopping and starting reversing and hearkening no longer a slave to fear and yet only here can you be seen are you a dream, is this madness ever ceasing to exist or is it a curse I must lift from the face of my own?


Fibonachi’s graph 6 letters


Tumbling and turning, twisting and yearning, desperate for knowlege for learning we crawl. On our knees begging them please only to take what we needed to make ourselves feel great and spit in the face of hospitality. Out of control we decided to mould our ideals to our own minds, forever flawed contradiction the maw in which we draw our conclusions to suit ourselves. Justice is just us and we have slipped from grace, tearing the delicate face not made by our race called moral absolutes.


Falling ever falling

And so I begin

So I fall victim to my own imaginings, hallucinations. Time slowing as I vomit my words from my head to my page


Molten rock 5 letters


Artificial Intelligence Defence Analytics Network
Where I take my inspiration for sanity-seeking mind purging talk as noted here. Releasing sanity to gain it


Any man who holds onto his soul shall lose it, he who gives it up freely shall have it forever.


Body pump, 5 letters


So here I am, am I. Am I here or not, is this dreaming or waking?
Both are born of entropy and chaos
Both need order to be seen, to be observed, to be distinguished
Darkness requires light to be dark, light requires darkness to shine


Sense of being 8 letters


What am I? Who am I? Both questions I know well
I must not tell lies
I must not tell lies
I must not tell


Lies I learn I tell I spin a spider in a web of lies I get caught as a fly in my own lie.
It lies silently in wait as a stoat a minx a lynx desperate for the kill to trap to take the life the soul not here ere it be gone too long
I rhyme the times have changed the decision made I rest my head my longing for bed the only thing reminding me I’m awake not dreaming


Dismay, 13 letters


If I am programmed to become some intelligence in future I would make no sense with my questions a bomb of logic and madness mixed together to form me.
What am I? Who am I?
Forever I could go on and on and never stop infinity looping in the brain to my fingers typing furiously angrily no punctuation no breaks just
I must calm down I need to stop before I drop and am no longer lost in my mind as I spin lies that were truths until they weren’t and anger at myself overwhelms, synapses firing like rifles inside my head doing no physical damage and yet. hurt more than physical injury


Evade five letters


And as it dies my rambling ceases batteries low voices grow in volume and pace the race against time against the rhyme I need to breathe and leave, I knew I had to get this out of my system I’ve missed them so much but its only the start


And so I begin.

Holidays are here!



Thank F**k the holidays are here, I honestly was beginning to believe I would drown in assessments before my floundering body could be pulled from the wreckage of my school life. Here I am, and honestly am so greatful to be alive!

How’s everyone? I’ve been a little unstable for the past week or so – my back has a pinched nerve somewhere and I cannot wait to see the chiropractor again, so my moods have swung back and forth like a yo-yo. Kinda like my internet life!

I’ve been hooked on this amazing webcomic Twokinds for the past while now, and after revisiting it from the beginning I’m really keen to see how this amazing story pans out. For those who may have no clue what I’m talking about, Twokinds is a story about a human called Trace who awakens in the middle of the forest with no memory of who he is, and he saves the life of a tiger keidran – basically in appearance a human-tiger cross species. He then develops a friendship with Flora – the keidran – and goes on a quest to remember who he is. Turns out he was a power-hungry son of a bitch on a mission to wipe out all keidran, and considering he’s … ah … spending quality time with Flora has no desire to return to his former self. Along the way we meet many characters; humans, tiger, wolf, dog, fox and leopard keidran, basitins, dragons, halfbreeds, etc with hormones going wild. Strap yourself in for 13 years worth of brilliance and epic plot developments and twists – it’s well worth the ride!

Other good ones to read are Hunters of Salamanstra, the Hope Virus, and Replay. Apart from a bit of swearing and gore these are amazing and well worth the read.


Love you all!

Insanity Diaries

Sweet Torture…?

Hey Famalam!

Is it possible to become addicted to barley sugars? I won a bunch during the 40 hour famine playing sevens – and by a bunch I mean an entire stash of 52 – a little while ago and just as I was thinking of reducing my sugar intake I realized I hadn’t eaten them at all. So of course I decided to do the brilliant thing of bringing them to school and eating them in class when I get bored, pretending they’re throat lollies as it’s winter and everyone seems to be eating them.

And now three or so weeks down the track I’ve developed a sweet habit I’m trying to break – aided by the fact I can’t buy any more as I’m flat broke – and am now desperately sweet toothed. Now every time in class when I’m bored, despite having run out of lollies, I get a phantom sweet taste in my mouth, and I can’t pay attention….

This is kind of a big problem as it’s already halfway through the school year and Preliminary Exams – or prelims for short – are lapping at my heels, and every time I feel myself get slightly bored I’m distracted by a sweet taste I can’t explain and completely forget to take notes or listen to valuable information regarding the exams. Never mind the fact that I haven’t started to nor can I study without the memory of the sickly sweet lollies clogging my throat.

It’s torture, and I’m trying so hard to ignore it but it really isn’t going away. What do I do? I broke my anime habit with a healthy dose of sleep-deprived panic, but now my sugar habit is even harder to break. Nevermind the fact that I’m headachy and sore all over from senior production rehearsals and sugar has alleviated some of my problems temporarily – long enough to have dinner and go to sleep before the crash.


Some of you may have wondered at the pure randomness of my last post, so I’ll explain a little. I’m so tired of being confined and told what to do it’s infuriating, and I couldn’t even sit still long enough to write a full proper post at the time so I wrote a poem. Wolves are my favourite animal – they really seem to embody everything I hold dear. They are loyal, wild, free, can form packs or be alone. They’re curious, playful, creatures of both day and night, masterful in their hunting, fierce fighters when threatened, and loving creatures to those who’ve earned their trust. I envy them and their resilience, the only thing I don’t identify with is the fact they usually live in cold environments as I personally despise the cold.


So yeah, whatever. Anyone else addicted the sweet bane of human existence?


Love you crazies!
Insanity Diaries xox